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Mariachi Los Gallos Canada

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mexican music. Toronto, Canada, mariachi, serenata.

 Los Gallos Mariachi is a unique multicultural phenomenon of professional, talented and enthusiastic musicians from very diverse ethnic backgrounds.

In its short life span, Los Gallos Mariachi has built its own distinctive identity, solid prestige and firm leadership. Its success story has positioned it, as an iconic role model for old and new mariachi bands in Canada. 

Que Viva el Mariachi!


Mariachi Los Gallos!! embraces the romanticism of México, people and beauty of the heart. Roberto Mestizo and Mariachi Los Gallos invites you to enrich your affection for mariachi by experiencing the band’s dynamic energy and rich cultural expression. The expression of México’s authentic Musical heritage lives on through the voice of Mariachi Los Gallos !!

Mariachi Los Gallos!! is truly a traveling cultural icon that symbolizes extraordinary musicianship and communal cross-generational joy.

The Sounds of Mexico


 If you really are interested in feeling the sounds of Mexico then Mariachi Los Gallos is your only option. Enjoy their “Corridos”, “rancheras” , polk songs and International music from our repertoire. ¡Viva Mexico!

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